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Veterinary/zoology session

Mitochondrial DNA based diversity and phylogenetic investigation of the Hucul horse breed
Flesch Márton - year 5
SzIE, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Institute of Animal Breeding, Nutrition and Lab Animal Science
Supervisors: Ákos Maróti-Agóts DVM, Balázs Egyed DVM, László Zöldág DVM


The hucul horse is an autochtonous breed of Hungary. The origin and the genetic diversity of this small size horse breed which is widespread in Carpathian-basin were investigated based on the polymorphisms of control region of mitochondrial DNA. The sample was planned using of founder-sampling method which use on the animal breeding data (studbook) reflecting to the maternal way of inheritance of mitochondrial DNA. Buccal swabs were used in sampling.

After the sequencing of mtDNA control region, the genetic diversity parameters were calculated (Pi=0,02058; Hd=0,911).

Next the haplotypes were sorted by the previously literary descripted haplogroups.

In order to carry out the calculation of relations the well defined Equus Caballus D-loop sequences found in GENEBANK were used. The genetic distances (Fst) on the basis of sequences grouped according to breeds than principal component analysis (PCA) on distance matrix were calculated. Following the graphic display of received results the mitochondrial level relationships of other breeds playing an important role in hucul breed history can be analyzed.

It is important to emphasize the fact that the similar examinations made so far have not used animal breeding information related to the examined breeds at sample takings, thus the representation of these samples are not reliable.

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