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Veterinary/zoology session

Equine caries - a computertomographic study
Fitz Regina Magdalena - graduating student
SzIE, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Dept. of Anatomy & Histology
Supervisor: Balázs Gerics DVM


Equine dentistry is in some countries one of the most common tasks performed by large animal practitioners. Dental disorders of the horse are generally accepted as a possible cause of oral pain, colic, weight loss and poor performance. Caries is defined by Baker (1970) as „demineralisation of calcified tissues and acid-induced destruction of the organic part of the tooth”. The usual clinical examination of the caries-patient is followed frequently by an X-ray confirmation.

In the present work we used computer tomography to examine both healthy and caries-effected equine teeth. We described physiological CT-values (both dimension of the infundibula and density) for upper equine premolars and molars. The data were not available so far, thus it is a pioneer work. Similar measurements on more than 10 extracted pathological, caries-effected teeth were made and compared to the initial clinical findings on these horses. For some of the caries-effected teeth the bacteriological background was investigated as well.

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