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Analysing the reasons for quality improvement in grapes ripened applying DMR method
Farkas Eszter III. évfolyam
Pannon Egyetem Agrártudományi Centrum Szőlészeti és Borászati Kutatóintézet, Badacsony
Supervisor: Dr. Györffyné Jahnke Gizella


Applying DMR method, i.e. the grape growing technology involving secondary maturation means that the two year old cane of the vine is cut through at the state of technological maturation. At this stage there is no carbohydrate and acid supply from the root to the berries, moreover the plant consumes the sugar and acidity concentrated in the berries in order to sustain vital functions.

In our paper we are describing the DMR experiment carried out at the Research Institute for Viticulture and Oenology of the Centre for Agricultural Sciences of the University of Pannonia, in the course of which we observed the processes going on in grape berries and leaves, examined the variation in sugar and acidity components, as well as in mineral content, compared to alterations occuring in control vine stocks with canes uncut.

Examinations carried out during the experiment showed that sugar and acidity concentration considerably increased in the first week following the cutting of the cane, whereas these values stagnated in the case of control vine stocks. The reason for this is the break in the communication between the root-stock and the cane, so components synthetised in the leaves can only reach the berries.

The results of the experiment proved that sugar and acidity levels related to extract content are considerably higher in grape juice pressed from grapes ripened applying the DMR method than the concentration measured in must deriving from the control vine stocks cultivated under the very same conditions. Parameters influencing the quality of wine initially increased in berries of vines treated by the DMR method whereas they steadily declined in berries picked from control vine stocks.

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