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TDK conference 2013

Hormonal changes during the oestrous cycle in cat
Gulyás Anita - year 5
SzIU, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Department and Clinic of Reproduction
Supervisor: Thuróczy Julianna DVM


Aim of our study was to examine the relationships of reproductive behaviour, alteration of endocrine and ovarian functions and the vaginal smear during the estrous cycle of queen. Seventyeighth samples were collected. Serum 17-β- estradiol (E2) and progesterone (P4) were measured with ELISA. Vaginal smears were collected from each cat before the surgery, then stained by Diff- Quick and examined in a low magnification. Fifty cells were counted and classified. The collected ovaries were processed for histology and stained with hematoxilin-eosin. Follicles and corpora lutea were counted and classified.

Queens were ranged in different groups on basis of sexual behaviour or occurrence of actions. E2 level was 34,60±46,76 pg/ml, and the P4 was 2,18±2,09 ng/ml in group of rolling queens. E2 was 53,63±61,60 pg/ml and P4 was 12,70±9,37 ng/ml in group of pregnant cats. we E2 11,80±17,95 pg/ml, a P4 0,96±0,28 ng/ml were measured in the juvenile cats group. E2 was 11,59±12,57 pg/ml, and the P4 was 3,58±5,07 ng/ml in group which were within two weeks from rolling. E2 of queens within two months after parturition was 55,68±60,29 pg/ml and P4 1,43±0,33 ng/ml. E2 of queens suffering from mammary tumour was 52,70±28,20 pg/ml and P4 was 1,42±0,43 ng/ml. E2 was 31,06±21,81 pg/ml and P4 was 1,86±0,37 ng/ml in queens within two months after rolling. E2 of cats not showing any sexual activity was 30,88±39,18 pg/ml and P4 was 6,35±5,12 ng/ml. There was one cat showing clinical signs of pyometra, because of low quantity of sample, E2 was not measurable, P4 was 1,59 pg/ml.

On basis of our result we suspect that cats are individually less sensible for E2 effect and they can show a rolling behaviour under 20 pg/ml E2 level. The exfoliated vaginal cells doesn’t follow the hormonal changes as fast as we expected. The evidence for it, are the following: in one case the measured E2 was 7,11 pg/ml but there was 13 intermediate and 37 superficial cells counted in the vaginal smear. In another case the E2 was 200 pg/ml and the vaginal smear showed 37 intermediate and 13 superficial cells. In contrast with previous reports, E2 concentration of pregnant queens did not decreased as much as we suspected. Although the measured E2 level in a 10 days pregnant queen was 200 pg/ml the E2 level of a 35 days pregnant queen was 54,35 pg/ml. In contrast the E2 level of 55 days pregnant cat was 65,36 pg/ml. In conclusion E2 concentration of pregnant queens did not decreased as previously suspected. This result indicate further examination of endocrinology of pregnancy.

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