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TDK conference 2013

Single and interaction toxicological study of capper sulfate and Pyrinex 48 Ec on chichen embryi
Gajcsi Dóra Fruzsina - graduating student
SzIU, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Department of pharmacology and toxicology
Supervisor: Lehel József DVM


I investigated the single and simultaneous fetotoxic effect of copper sulfate that is found in the environment in relative large amount and that is highly dangerous to living organism, and a widely used insecticide (Pyrinex 48 EC).

Two hundred eggs of Farm color chicken (Gallus gallus f. domestica) were used in the study The incubation of the eggs was started after transportation and resting for 24 hours. The test items and their combination were injected into the air chamber of egg at the startint of incubation, in a volume of 0.1 ml.

One part of the embryos (10/group) was prepared by making of germinal disc on day 3 of incubation to study the early stage of development. Other eggs were prepard on day 19 of incubation. Number of embryonic death, developmental abnormalities and body weight of embryos were recorded. Liver samples were taken for histological investigation and the skeleton was stained by Dawson method to examine the developmental aberration. The body weight was evaluated statistically by one-way ANOVA and Tukey test, and the embryomortality and the abnormalities were analysed by RXC Chi2 test.

The embryomortality was not influenced by single treatment of copper sulfate, however, Pyrinx 48 EC and the combination of the test items significantly increased (P<0.05) it at early stage developmental stage. Same tendency was observed in the case of developmental aberration (copper sulfate: 44.44%; Pyrinex 48 EC: 66.66%; joint treatment: 100.00%).

Single administration of copper sulfate (50.00%) and Pyrinex 48 EC (77.14%) and their combination (97.22%) significantly increased the embryomortality (P<0.01; P<0.001; P<0.001) at late stage of development. Frequency of abnormalities was not influenced by copper sulfate but single and simultaneous application of insecticide increased it significantly (P<0.01).

Pyrinex 48 EC alone and in combination with copper sulfate significantly reduced the body weight of the embryos, however, the single administration of copper sulfate did not influence this parameter.

Developmental abnormalities of stained skeleton were observed sporadically due to the single and concomittant adminitration (abnormal position of leg, growth retardation).

During the histopathological evaluation there was no findings of drug-induced hepatopathy, however, the ratio of the mitotic cells were markedly reduced due to the copper sulfate and Pyrinex 48 EC treated group.

Based on my results, addition and synergistic toxic interaction may be between the copper sulfate and Pyrinex 48 EC that can highly reduce the viability of the embryos or can lead to extinction of wild birds in serious case.

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